In the ancient time the use of cocoa was done by the Mayans and Aztec.  But then with the discovering of the Americas, we see the European discovering cacao.  They began to import the cacao seeds in Europe.  This became lucrative business.  In Europe the chocolate was a drink for the elite.  New recipes were created to satisfy the demand.

It was only at that time that sugar was added to the cocoa because the              cocoa drink was far too bitter for the Europeans.  And they mixed sugar cane or honey to the cocoa and it became tasteful. The Spanish who first imported cocoa developed secret recipes of delicious drink.  Even cinnamon and other spices were added to create new chocolate formulas.

We should keep in mind not exotic products imported in Europe were expensive.  Sugar, coffee, chocolate were not an exception to this.  Only those who were wealthy could afford to drink chocolate.  As time went on chocolate became in Europe a very popular drink. Even myth began to develop around it.  Medicinal and nutritional values were attributed to chocolate.

We would need to wait until the 19th century to find new progress in the development of chocolate.  Also new technologies were invented to process chocolate.  The molinillo for example was a tool invented by the Spanish to whip chocolate into a smooth foam.  Although the Spanish were not the only ones in the business of chocolate.  The British, the French, and the Dutch had develop their industries.

A very important ingredient of cocoa is called chocolate liquor which is a liquid that comes from the cacao beans during processing.  This liquid, chocolate liquor, contains no alcohol.  In the 19th century, there was a Dutch chemist who found a way to remove the fat from the chocolate liquor and after adding some ingredients made a product known as “Dutch Cocoa” which became the stating point for solid chocolate.